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Kunshan Han Te Su paper products Co., Ltd.

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MORE+ About

Kunshan Hantesu paper products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, east of Shanghai, west of Suzhou, the geographical conditions are superior, the traffic is very convenient

The company in line with the "innovation, pragmatic, professional, good faith" business philosophy, mainly to provide carton and its accessories production services, to create a well-known brand printing and packaging industry


MORE+ Culture

For the enterprise culture, he pursued in fact, rather than the shape, not partial to the slogan and slogan propaganda, and more attention to the integration of the employees' own values and the core values of the enterprise. We always revolve around "the enterprise market society", "providing the staff material and the spirit of two aspects of happiness, and providing a better and bigger development platform" ...

Product CenterMORE+

Fives advantageFaster, more efficient, quality and quantity, on time delivery.

Professional design

We have a group of designers specializing in carton printing and printing industry. We have a comprehensive printing solution.

Advanced equipment

International advanced carton production equipment, the use of computer information management system to build efficient and accurate production and operation mode.

ERP system

"The company uses ERP system, logistics, capital flow and information flow for comprehensive integrated management, increase the competitive advantage of enterprises."

Perfect quality

When we pass the strict five prepress manuscripts, we can proofread the text, image and color. In the next printing process, each of them has to pass the quality inspection, each process has a patrol, which greatly reduces the risk of printing error rate.

Quality service

Professional after-sales personnel one to one service, 24 hours quality complaint handling, regular customer return visit.

cooperation processGrasp every detail, perfect

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